Friday, September 9, 2016

Voice Your Random Thoughts for More Magic and Sparkle in Your Life

Sometimes a random thought pops into my head as I’m interacting with someone. I used to be quite silent and keep all these thoughts to myself. However, when I began to teach high school, I remember thinking things that I barely dared to say out loud because they weren’t “standard” things for high school teachers to say. But voicing these thoughts produced such great results that I became braver and spoke more of them. I remember once saying to a student in my grade 13 Biology class, rather randomly, that I was having a rough day and maybe we should all skip class. The students very heartily agreed. We all drove off for coffee and talked about many things not related to Biology. Thus began a special bond with that class, so much so that the students invited me to chaperone their class trip, a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Today I voiced another random thought. A new neighbor had knocked on my door. When I came over a little later with a requested item, I complimented my neighbors on the spaciousness of their home. Then I noticed that they didn’t have a dining room table and chairs and remarked about that. The husband said that it was on their list and they were working towards it. Now, I happened to know that a client of mine was taking all the furniture out of her mother’s house over the next few days. I asked this man if they would want her table and chairs and described the furniture. He said “yes.” I asked my client if she still wanted a home for the table and chairs and she said “yes.” I think that this two-minute interaction will fill a need for both parties. All this because of speaking out a seemingly stray thought. I find this kind of interaction surprisingly satisfying. If I had spoken “politely” and not mentioned the lack of furniture, none of this would have happened.

Many people do not dare speak random thoughts that could be the start of a great conversation, or could move them or others towards a desire or just make life better for them.

Why do many people fear speaking these “random” thoughts out loud?

For one, we learn socially acceptable conversations. It’s safe to say, “How are you? How’s the weather in Texas?” But those lines are a little predictable and usually doesn’t produce interesting results. It might feel a little risky to bring up a topic or speak a sentence that you don’t hear other people saying.

Growing up, we learn about taboo topics and words. But don’t worry, if you speak your mind when you’re in a happy, social mood, you will likely not offend anybody.

How can you speak more freely?
1.          - When you think something nice about someone, say it.
2.          - Practice when you’re alone. You might be surprised that your thoughts aren’t so unusual or     
3.          - Be willing to share more of your thoughts with the people around you.
4.          - Practice on everybody!
5.          - Instead of saying, “How are you?” ask any random question that pops into your head.

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